Monday, July 28, 2008

LORAC Visual Effects: not so stunning

Take a look at that brush on the left. Different, right? It's actually pretty cool, and I'm a total sucker for cool mascara brushes, so of course I couldn't help but buy a tube of LORAC Visual Effects Mascara.

Dramatic? Definitely. This little baby pumped tons of volume into my lashes; however, it also added a bunch of clumps in the process (this was easily fixed with a lash comb). Careful application and fewer coats reduced the amount of clumps, but if you're going for drama, the more coats the better, right?

After a long day, this mascara was smudged under my eyes a bit, which was unfortunate, because I really wanted to love this mascara. But it just doesn't cut it - clumps and smudging are automatic mascara-killers nowadays. Save your money, folks, and pick up something like CARGO Better-Than-Waterproof or Lancome Fatale.

You can check out LORAC Visual Effects for yourself at ($19.50).

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