Friday, August 15, 2008

lust files: lip lust

Isn't this perfect? Pop Beauty Lip Lust for my lust files. Sigh...I tried this on in the shade Flirty Fuschia at Sephora the other day and it gives the perfect sheer pop of fuschia - not too bright, not too over-the-top. Just what I need for accentuating my summer tan (unfortunately not fake; I seem to tan even when I wear sunblock!).

Sephora describes it as a "hydrating buttery-sheer lipstick with a semi-glow finish," which doesn't seem to be that much of an exaggeration.

If you've been searching for the perfect fuschia lippie, definitely give this a try. You can buy it at Sephora for only $13.00, which is quite a bargain, if you ask me.

Lip Lust is also available in Naughty Red, Dewy Toffee and Petal Pink.

Mascaraders, do you have your own HG fuschia lippie? Tell me in the comments!

drugstore galore: l'oreal HIP jelly balm

I've always loved the look of L'Oreal's HIP line, but never could justify a purchase. Why? Because for several dollars more, I could hop on over to MAC and get some amazing, tried-and-true stuff instead.

Well, about three weeks ago their new jelly balms caught my eye at Duane Reade. I ignored them, purchased a new shampoo and conditioner, and promptly left.

The thing is, new drugstore releases rarely interest me. But for some reason, I couldn't get these balms out of my head. Maybe it was the pretty packaging (especially for a drugstore product!) or the fantastic colors, but before I knew it I was at my local CVS, debating which shades to purchase.

Ultimately I decided to buy Savory (sheer light coral) and Ripe (sheer light red). Now, mascaraders, I know I said I'm not a gloss girl, but these are fantastic for the summer. There's no shimmer or glitter at all, just glossy, moisturizing goodness. These are slightly pigmented, adding just a touch of color to my lips. They have a yummy cotton candy/marshmallow scent as well, which I admit isn't for everyone, so if you only rock subtle scents you might want to skip this one.

The only downside is that the product comes in a pot, which isn't exactly hygienic, and that at $9.00 at, this is one of the more expensive drugstore lip products. But honestly? I think it's well worth it.

Some of you might be wondering how these compare to MAC Tendertones. I've never tried those out for myself, but I know that some of the Tendertones have shimmer whereas none of L'Oreal's Jelly Balms do. Also, I hear there's less pigment in the Tendertones, so if you really like sheer, go for the MAC. Jelly Balms are for you if you don't want shimmer and like sheer, but noticeable color.

Mascaraders, tell me: what's your favorite moisturizing drugstore gloss?

A sincere apology!

Hey mascaraders, I'm SO sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've been incredibly busy wrapping up the summer (school starts again soon!), but I promise I'll get back to regular posting in a bit. I've got some fantastic stuff to talk about, like my new favorite mascara and a wonderful light moisturizer...keep your eyes open!

Much love,

Monday, July 28, 2008

LORAC Visual Effects: not so stunning

Take a look at that brush on the left. Different, right? It's actually pretty cool, and I'm a total sucker for cool mascara brushes, so of course I couldn't help but buy a tube of LORAC Visual Effects Mascara.

Dramatic? Definitely. This little baby pumped tons of volume into my lashes; however, it also added a bunch of clumps in the process (this was easily fixed with a lash comb). Careful application and fewer coats reduced the amount of clumps, but if you're going for drama, the more coats the better, right?

After a long day, this mascara was smudged under my eyes a bit, which was unfortunate, because I really wanted to love this mascara. But it just doesn't cut it - clumps and smudging are automatic mascara-killers nowadays. Save your money, folks, and pick up something like CARGO Better-Than-Waterproof or Lancome Fatale.

You can check out LORAC Visual Effects for yourself at ($19.50).

Clinique High Impact Mascara: a bit of a misnomer

When I see the words 'high impact' on a mascara tube, I expect drama. I expect incredible length and volume. So when I picked up a tube of Clinique's High Impact Mascara, my hopes were high.

Too bad they were shattered immediately after application. To be fair, this is a perfectly good mascara, but it delivers none of the promised 'high impact'. Instead, I got just enough volume and length to put label this as an excellent daytime mascara. There were absolutely no clumps, which I appreciated because I hate combing them out.

Staying power was nothing amazing, BUT there were no flakes which is definitely a good thing! Slight smudges appeared by the end of the day, unfortunately, but it was nothing drastic; I didn't look like a raccoon.

So overall, this is a wonderful daytime mascara, but terrible if you're looking for drama. Don't be misled by the name; if you're looking for big, fat lashes, go look somewhere else.

Clinique High Impact Mascara is available at Sephora for $14.

Revlon lippie love

Mascaraders, I've developed a sort of guilty pleasure: Revlon's lipsticks.

There's such a fantastic selection of shades that I just can't help but be drawn to the displays whenever I venture into my local CVS, Duane Reade, etc.!

The quality is pretty good for a drugstore lippie, too. I've tried both the Moon Drops and Super Lustrous lines and like them both, although Moon Drops has a slightly off-putting scent. They're not super-moisturizing, so prep your lips with a balm beforehand. Staying power is decent.

If you're like me and love having tons of choices, check out the Revlon display next time you visit your local drugstore.